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Catalpa Corner is a modern eventing facility situated on an expansive working farmstead in rural West Branch, Iowa, 15 minutes outside of Iowa City.  The family farm dates back to the 1800s and this is reflected in many of the exquisite buildings on the grounds.  To complement this, Susan Brigham and Dr. James McNutt have constructed a first-class facility that seamlessly blends the modern aspects of eventing with the farm’s heritage.

Beneath the Catalpa trees, competitors can expect to find a relaxing atmosphere with ample space to move about. Each of the three phases harkens back to Iowa's farming heritage. In dressage, competitors ride in two grass arenas with small portable barns serving as the judge's booths. The warm up area is expansive and abuts a long hacking lane perfect for settling the excited horse. The cross country terrain is open and inviting, moving from the start box surrounded by crops, to open fields, across a covered bridge, water, and through woods.  Jumping efforts reflect the surroundings and Iowa's heritage, most notably a covered bridge on course for training and preliminary levels.


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2014 Events

May 9-11 Bill Boos Clinic Information

May 17 and 18 Reserved for Spruce Lake Farms, IL Heart and Hooves Pony Club

Memorial Day Weekend Spring Tune Up

    Open Schooling May 23 and 24

    Camie Stockhausen Clinic May 23 and 24 

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    Schooling Horse Trial and Dressage show

        May 25 Entry Status

June 10-11 John Staples Clinic  Information

August 1-3 USEA-recognized Catalpa Corner Charity Horse Trial.  Information

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Thank you for supporting CCCHT with an amazing and memorable 2013 event. Our Ground Jury President (GJP) raved about our phenomenal preliminary riders and was significantly impressed with our training division as they faced a challenging water complex.  The novice division successfully bounded the new x-c steps and the GJP stated she never gave so many 8s before in dressage in this highly competitive and competent division.  We are most proud of our beginning novice division, which finished cross-country with challenging jumps, but no RF! 

In 2013, Catalpa Corner Charity Horse Trial was able to give back to Miracles in Motion, Timber Ridge Pony Club, Eastern Iowa Dressage and Eventing Association, The Boys and Girls Club – Moose Lodge, Johnson Country 4-H, The Phil Sawin Memorial Trust and the Amy Barrington Recovery Fund.

We thank you for your feedback, and have continued to improve the beautiful Catalpa Corner Horse Park.  Electricity has been updated and we have established additional acres for parking.  A new separate scoring office will allow smooth entries of scores. Additionally, the 2014 cross country course will be reversed and  jumps added at each level.   We are have procured additional ground for the preliminary track, which should add 550 meters with significant terrain.  Excitingly, we are increasing the size of the water complex with a new tapering north entrance.

With the new shipment of 3-½ inch jump poles, we are creating a new stadium course, so please plan to join us for the to jump the exciting new Harry Potter Obstacles!  Come jump over 4 Privet Dr., fly with Hedwig, take your shot in the Quidditch field and finally jump through the ghostly “He Who Must Not Be Named!”

Big News for off track thoroughbred enthusiasts:  CCCHT as been approved for the The Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) at the BN, N, T and Preliminary divisions for the August 2014 event!  Each division will be awarded prize money and ribbon.  More information can be found on the T.I.P. site.