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All images kind courtesy of Derith Vogt.  Thank you.

From Park Owner Susan Brigham (March 2020): With a heavy heart, but clear conscience, we announce that CCCHT has withdrawn from USEA-recognized competition in Area IV.  We are an aging population of labor, and it has become too physically strenuous with accidents/trauma waiting to happen.

Honestly, this past weekend as I was planning the jumps for the cross country course, having moved 75 plus obstacles, I had a near-fatal accident with the Bobcat trying to elevate and move a 12-foot oak log.  No matter how many wonderful CCCHT volunteers that come and go, I am usually alone working on the farm with heavy equipment, and despite common sense and a healthy paranoia, situations just got out of hand.  My family has always wanted us to pull back our commitments and obligations, and the time has come.  I am sure Area IV will continue to thrive with new venues emerging and expanding events in the future.  Catalpa Corner will continue to be open for schooling. We at CCCHT wish you all the best and thank you for the wonderful memories.